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megan & edgar’s wedding | sneak preview

First, Happy 9.9.09! Here are a few “quick” shots from Megan and Edgar’s lovely wedding over the weekend at the Bartlett Arboretum.  It is really just a beautiful place to begin with, but Megan & Edgar came up with so many perfect additions.  So, I just have to start with a quick collage I did […]

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jenifriend - were you hiding in a closet to get that picture of the bride?! it’s FANTASTIC!!

admin - Actually, the place where the guys and girls were getting ready was separated by two simple – well, I want to say bedspread-type pieces of fabric. So, I had been over on the guys’ side, and as I started to walk back to see the girls, I noticed this spot to catch Megan right through the fraying ends of these make-shift curtains!

susie whyte - love the collage!! all of the country elements look so great. where was this at?

admin - It’s at the Bartlett Arboretum down in Belle Plaine. It’s gorgeous!

susie whyte - did you mention the arb before i asked that? hmmm. maybe i was just too excited about the pictures to really read it… :)

amanda & matt’s photos are online

Click here to see the full gallery.  The images will be online until Oct. 8, 2009. Related posts: No related posts.

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jenifriend - great job jackie!! this looks like such a fun couple!!

Brungardt families | wichita » Jackie Cooper Photo Blog - […] always so tickled when I get new clients from past ones.  Emily had seen the photos I took for Amanda and Matt last fall and contacted me to get some shots of her family.  We had quite the herd to work with […]