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ICT Photographer Gathering

Let me just start with a huge thank you to all the photographers and models who participated in this past Sunday’s shoot.  I am honored by your interest, and I’m excited to see where this collaboration takes us!  I learned quite a bit about what goes into a group shoot and what we can do differently next time.  Again, please leave comments with suggestions if you have ideas on what we can improve.  I hope all the photographers who came were able to walk away with something learned…

Here are links to the participating photographers that I have web info for.  If you came and have a site, please leave it in the comment section!

Casey, my fantastic husband, came back early from opening weekend of pheasant hunting to come to the shoot.  You probably have to know him and his absolute love of pheasant hunting, but this shows just how much he loves me and supports me.  He’s the best.

Here’s the Breshears family!

Next up: Annette & Dan!

Next up: Jill & Brett!

And our fourth participant who actually has modeling experience: Tara!

Thank you all!

jenifriend - why why WHY did i not know about this?! because i don’t keep up! never again will i miss an opportunity like this; great images jackie!

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Abby K - Sad that I’m just now seeing your post! Thanks again for hosting the event!

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