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Lauren & Luc | Hudson Gardens Wedding Photographer | Littleton, Colorado

Couples like Lauren and Luc are so much of why I love what I do.  When rain storms promised to ruin the day they had planned, they simply let go of their original vision for the day, rescheduled photos around the rain and kept their union as the focus of the day and had a beautiful indoor ceremony.  Though they weren’t planning to see each other before the ceremony, Lauren and Luc valued photos enough to meet up earlier, have a sweet first look with their wedding party watching on, and wander around the gardens for some portraits.  The rain came right as we were wrapping up, so we dashed to the cars, took a break and reconvened for the ceremony!  On days like this, I’m grateful, too, for cooperative wedding party people who are supportive and don’t mind getting ready a few hours early with some unplanned downtime in the day.  Thanks to the wonderful Austyn Elizabeth for photographing with me (her images are noted with a white pine tree in the bottom right corner) at this lovely Hudson Gardens wedding!


Shannon Connolly - Hello Jackie,

I am reaching out to you in regards to possibly using some photos from Lauren and Luc’s wedding photo album! We would love to use them for our website and social media platforms! Of course, with your permission, we would give you credit or you can even leave a watermark on the photos if we are able to use them.

I hope this could be a mutual benefit for both parties and I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your time and consideration! Your photos are beautiful!!!


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