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Life in 2013: A quick look back via Instagram

When I think back to 2013, I want to be reminded of some of the adventures, goals and accomplishments from the year to encourage myself to press on, to keep exploring and to continue to challenge myself.  Here are some of my 2013 milestones, their recorded memory via Instagram and their take-aways:

San Francisco: Such a fun, spontaneous trip with Casey to an iconic U.S. city/region!  I also had the great privilege this year to explore Detroit, Minneapolis and Atlanta if only briefly…  Remember to stay interested and adventurous; there’s a whole world of exploring out there.  Make time to see new things and places!

painted ladies

Prairie Fire Marathon: Casey and I ran our first-ever (and possibly only!) marathon in Wichita, KS.  Remember to set goals, believe in myself and go for it!  Mind over matter…

Marathon LASIK: I finally gathered up the courage and did the research to get the procedure done.  I’m now seeing better than I did with contacts and glasses!  I will miss wearing my Warby Parkers, though…  Remember to face my fears; I can do it.  Change can be scary, but the result is often so much better!

Lasik 2013 was also the first wedding season since our move to Colorado that I had more weddings in Colorado than in Kansas.  The scales are tipping.  I continue to be grateful for my Kansas clients as well as thrilled to be meeting more people and getting more business closer to where we live now…

A glimpse of 2013 in squares:

To an incredible 2014!

Debbie - Explore, set goals, be brave – love this!

brooke berg - Thanks for sharing! Loved seeing the highlights of your year!

Caili - A marathon? Lasik? Two things I don’t know I could ever do. Congratulations on tipping the scale!

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