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NotWedding is coming to Denver!

My poor blog has suffered this summer due to the high volume of work I’ve been creating (new preview posts going up all the time on the Jackie Cooper Photo Facebook page!).  BUT…I wanted to post my excitement for the upcoming NotWedding.  They’re finally coming to Denver, and I have the great honor of being one of the photographers for it!  Basically, it’s a wedding show alternative, and it’s WAY more fun.  Some of Denver’s brilliant wedding industry minds are coming together to throw an amazing (not)wedding, which is actually an adorable married couple renewing their vows.  And the guests?!  The guests are engaged couples and their entourages who get to see vendors in action and working together toward a given style AND enjoy an amazing ceremony, dinner and dance party.  I’m sure you can tell by my gushing that I love this concept.  I can’t wait!  Tell all the engaged couples (or soon-to-be-so!) that you know in Colorado to mark the evening of September 18 on their calendars and to head over to the event page for tickets before it sells out.

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