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oliver | wichita newborn

I was so glad that Oliver timed his birth just before one of my Wichita trips this summer and that we were able to do a sweet family shoot in their home.  I just have to start with this fun image of this handsome little man:

Kayla and Dakota are going to make amazing parents…

During the shoot, we were talking about the past several years and how I’ve been lucky enough to watch Kayla and Dakota journey through so many important life events and the beginning of their lives together.  So I’ll end this post with this compilation that starts with Dakota’s senior photo session and continues on to an engagement photo, a wedding photo, some family shoots in the meantime (and one from a photographer meet up!), their maternity session and all the way up to their family of two becoming a family of three.  It means so much that I’ve been able to see all these milestones through my camera; thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

Caili - These are really beautiful! The soft light and creamy skin tones?!? Amazing!

Jackie Cooper - Thanks, Caili!

Kristy Gatz - Jackie its kind of hard to believe that you have captured this many events of these two already! And they are all amazing!

Jackie Cooper - I know, right?! Thank you so much, Kristy! I have you to thank for trusting me from the beginning!

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